Wishing you a great new year ! Here are some of my new artist photos, taken by Great the Kabuki-cho. Very happy with them !!!  ... Read More

Many thanks for all of your support in 2016💕Enjoy the last day of the year🐒#herethereeverywhere#monkeystobirds... Read More

For those who missed watching the show, now the video archive for the performance at MUTEK.JP x Dommune at Redbull studio (on November 3rd0 is available on Dommune Hikari during new year. Please find the link below. Dommune光で11月のMUTEK.JP at Redbull Studio... Read More

Presale for KEB003 Magamura “Supernaturals” cassette tapes are now available at Disk Union. Please find the link below. DiskUnionさんにてKebko Music第三弾Magamuraのアルバム予約始まってます🎸🎶 【予約】 AKIKO KIYAMA主宰のカセットレーベルKEBKO MUSICから、MAGAMURA(LAURINE FROST+ERIL... Read More

Thank you #cdjournal ! www.cdjournal.com/main/news/-/74271... Read More

Had a photo shooting for my new artist photos. Many thanks to Great The Kabukicho, Mika-san(mikachisin), and Nakata-san<3... Read More

OUTNOW! https://soundcloud.com/…/before-everything-else-vol-2-mixta… Serialism Records head Cesare Vs Disorder, returns with his 2nd Before Everything Else mix series. Another impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks from Mike Shannon, Doubting Thomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, ,Elon,Frank Storm, From Karaoke To Stardom Lifer, Anthony Constans, Organic Flow, Weg... Read More

Akiko Kiyama billed to perform at Dekmantel Day 2 at Contact Tokyo キヤマアキコがContactで開催されるDekmantelへ出演! http://www.contacttokyo.com/schedule/dekmantel-day2/ ■DATE: 24th Dec 2016 ■VENUE: Contact, Tokyo ■OPEN: 22:00 ■COST: DOOR 3500yen | W/F 3000yen | UNDER 23 2000yen | BEFORE 11PM 2000 yen ■LINE-UP [ Studio ] Peter Van Hoesen... Read More

Ss proud to announce Kebko Music’s third instalment with the debut and one-time-only album by Magamura, an experimental project founded by guitarist Eril Fjord and Not So Secret label boss Laurine Frost. Focused on their improvisational approach, the Hungarian duo have released no music to date, instead making appearances at renowned festivals and venues like... Read More

Our designer Damien at Palefroi works hard on silk screen printing for KEB003 cassette tape release⚡️⚡️ Awesome packages are being made one-by-one:)  ... Read More