OUTNOW! https://soundcloud.com/…/before-everything-else-vol-2-mixta… Serialism Records head Cesare Vs Disorder, returns with his 2nd Before Everything Else mix series. Another impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks from Mike Shannon, Doubting Thomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, ,Elon,Frank Storm, From Karaoke To Stardom Lifer, Anthony Constans, Organic Flow, Weg... Read More

Serialism Records boss Cesare vs Disorder returns with his 2nd “Before Everything Else” mixtape series. An impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks including Mike Shannon, Kreon, DoubtingThomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, Elon, FRANK STORM, frOm KaraOkE tO StardOm, Rick Maia & Lifer, Monika Ross, Anthony Constans, Organic flow, JackOnBlack, Weg &... Read More