Presale for KEB003 Magamura “Supernaturals” cassette tapes are now available at Disk Union. Please find the link below. DiskUnionさんにてKebko Music第三弾Magamuraのアルバム予約始まってます🎸🎶 【予約】 AKIKO KIYAMA主宰のカセットレーベルKEBKO MUSICから、MAGAMURA(LAURINE FROST+ERIL... Read More

OUTNOW!…/before-everything-else-vol-2-mixta… Serialism Records head Cesare Vs Disorder, returns with his 2nd Before Everything Else mix series. Another impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks from Mike Shannon, Doubting Thomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, ,Elon,Frank Storm, From Karaoke To Stardom Lifer, Anthony Constans, Organic Flow, Weg... Read More

Our designer Damien at Palefroi works hard on silk screen printing for KEB003 cassette tape release⚡️⚡️ Awesome packages are being made one-by-one:)  ... Read More

Serialism Records boss Cesare vs Disorder returns with his 2nd “Before Everything Else” mixtape series. An impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks including Mike Shannon, Kreon, DoubtingThomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, Elon, FRANK STORM, frOm KaraOkE tO StardOm, Rick Maia & Lifer, Monika Ross, Anthony Constans, Organic flow, JackOnBlack, Weg &... Read More

  Found one of my old tracks in my HD, probably made more than 10 years ago. I think some of you may realize familiar loops/ phrases to my other tracks like Deadsea on Contexterrior, Juniper on Safari Electronique as this track Cyclic was a kind of stem of those tracks. Anyway I hope you [&hellip... Read More

Here on,  you can listen to the snippet of my recent remix work for Andrea Ferlin. Have fun !!    ... Read More

For those who haven’t listened to one of my most spooky sets I made for Cristian Vogel’s Station 137 ..  ... Read More

WWW on November 24th! If you buy your ticket in advance, you’ll also get a special compilation CD by 31 artists such as Taylor Deupree(12K)、Ikue Mori、Oval a.k.a Markus Popp、Nyantora etc…as well as myself... Read More

Thank you for all of your support as always! Finally my 4th album Ophelia has been released. You can get your copy at local shops such as Technique, Disc Union and others as well as our official Bandcamp shop: Very excited to hear your feedback as well... Read More

Ophelia Preorder is now available worldwide on cassette tape (w/ DL code) and CD. Preorders include a bonus Kebko Music sticker** Ophelia by Akiko Kiyama... Read More