For those who missed watching the show, now the video archive for the performance at MUTEK.JP x Dommune at Redbull studio (on November 3rd0 is available on Dommune Hikari during new year. Please find the link below. Dommune光で11月のMUTEK.JP at Redbull Studio... Read More

Akiko Kiyama billed to perform at Dekmantel Day 2 at Contact Tokyo キヤマアキコがContactで開催されるDekmantelへ出演! ■DATE: 24th Dec 2016 ■VENUE: Contact, Tokyo ■OPEN: 22:00 ■COST: DOOR 3500yen | W/F 3000yen | UNDER 23 2000yen | BEFORE 11PM 2000 yen ■LINE-UP [ Studio ] Peter Van Hoesen... Read More

Special thanks to @ilovemoratti for the videos. 昨日の模様。その2。@ilovemorattiたくさん撮っていただきありがとうございます! ・ ・ ・ #forestlimit #kosmologi #shibuya #hatagaya #downtempo #ambient #minimal #kaosspad2 #ipadapp #smallfish #animoog #octatrack A video posted by Akiko Kiyama (@akiko_kiyama) on Dec 4, 2016 at 4:07am PST... Read More

Akiko Kiyama celebrates the Kosmologi 2nd Anniversary on December 3rd at Forestlimit, Shibuya, with an experimental live set. Kosmologiの2周年イベントにキヤマアキコがエクスペリメンタルセットで出演。 ■DATE: 3rd Dec 2016 ■VENUE: FORESTLIMIT, Hatagaya ■OPEN: 22:00 ■COST: 2000yen / 1Drink (adv) | 2500yen / 1Drink (with flyer... Read More

Heading to Hirosaki with my latest liveset. ■DATE: 19th Nov 2016 ■VENUE: Space Astro, Hirosaki ■OPEN: 14:00 – 22:00 ■COST: 500yen | Free (Students and Under 20) ■LINE-UP Akiko Kiyama (Kebko Music / op.disc / Nervmusic Records) Liiebermann (Gabriiela) Shunichi (Fonart) OxDxA Jomgaman Tsuyoshi Goto ツトム TECHNOVISION hosono takuya and... Read More

Some photos about MUTEK.JPxDOMMUNExRedBullStudios have arrived. Thank you again for coming, watching, and supporting us:) Sourced from Read More

I will play live in collaboration with Canadian visual unit as part of MUTEK.JP. The show will be held at Red Bull Studios, but the live streaming via Dommune will be also available. So for those who cannot join us at the studio, you still will have a chance to watch the show on time! [&hellip... Read More

Playing at ageHa on November 5th. Very pleased to take part in Richie Hawtin’s ENTER.Sake Japan tour 2016... Read More

More information to be announced soon…... Read More

[ Time Table ] Akiko Kiyama appears at 1AM on Montreux Jazz LAB 2016 with a live set that reflects her take on the ‘Jazz’ festival. [ タイムテーブル公開 ] キヤマアキコがMontreux Jazz LABに出演。午前1時からフェスティバルを意識したライブセットを披露! ■DATE: 7th Oct 2016 ■VENUE: UNIT Daikanyama ■OPEN... Read More