RA JapanさんにKebko Music... Read More

Newmud cassette tapes with DL code are out in Japanese Technique and Disc Union. Get your copies !! Technique http://www.technique.co.jp/item/126448,KEB01.html Disc Union http://diskunion.net/portal/ct/detail/1006573055 And the release information for those who are outside Japan will be available soon... Read More

It’s a big pleasure to announce I am launching my own label Kebko Music focusing on the limited editions of cassette tapes, CDs and vinyls. The first release on Kebko is a single cut of my upcoming album and will be available on cassette tape in BradPak! foldable cardboard case, with original silk-screen artwork by Damien [&hellip... Read More

My next release on cassette tapes have just arrived. More news are coming soon... Read More