Akiko Kiyama celebrates the Kosmologi 2nd Anniversary on December 3rd at Forestlimit, Shibuya, with an experimental live set. Kosmologiの2周年イベントにキヤマアキコがエクスペリメンタルセットで出演。 ■DATE: 3rd Dec 2016 ■VENUE: FORESTLIMIT, Hatagaya ■OPEN: 22:00 ■COST: 2000yen / 1Drink (adv) | 2500yen / 1Drink (with flyer... Read More

Here are some photos about the night, plus the day after. Big thanks to all of people involved in the event! Photo by FUJILABO (fujilabohirosaki.com... Read More

Heading to Hirosaki with my latest liveset. ■DATE: 19th Nov 2016 ■VENUE: Space Astro, Hirosaki ■OPEN: 14:00 – 22:00 ■COST: 500yen | Free (Students and Under 20) ■LINE-UP Akiko Kiyama (Kebko Music / op.disc / Nervmusic Records) Liiebermann (Gabriiela) Shunichi (Fonart) OxDxA Jomgaman Tsuyoshi Goto ツトム TECHNOVISION hosono takuya and... Read More

Serialism Records boss Cesare vs Disorder returns with his 2nd “Before Everything Else” mixtape series. An impressive selection of 15 exclusive tracks including Mike Shannon, Kreon, DoubtingThomas, Loquace, Frank Haag, Elon, FRANK STORM, frOm KaraOkE tO StardOm, Rick Maia & Lifer, Monika Ross, Anthony Constans, Organic flow, JackOnBlack, Weg &... Read More

Some photos about MUTEK.JPxDOMMUNExRedBullStudios have arrived. Thank you again for coming, watching, and supporting us:) Sourced from https://www.facebook.com/pg/MUTEKJP/photos/?tab=album&album_id=672891069552129... Read More

  Found one of my old tracks in my HD, probably made more than 10 years ago. I think some of you may realize familiar loops/ phrases to my other tracks like Deadsea on Contexterrior, Juniper on Safari Electronique as this track Cyclic was a kind of stem of those tracks. Anyway I hope you [&hellip... Read More