WWW on November 24th! If you buy your ticket in advance, you’ll also get a special compilation CD by 31 artists such as Taylor Deupree(12K)、Ikue Mori、Oval a.k.a Markus Popp、Nyantora etc…as well as myself... Read More

Was a big pleasure to come back in Gunma for such a beautiful and unique event. I really enjoyed talking with Mari Katayama, Tsuyoshi Yabuki and the visitors there as well as playing my live set. These are a bit of how the evening went… Photos taken by Mori No Naka and Yudai Okada... Read More

On this Saturday, don’t miss the 3D Graffiti event at Tokyo Design Week. My track will be featured during 3D live painting by Jun Inoue. 今週土曜、Tokyo Design Weekで開催される3D Graffitiイベントで私のトラックを提供させていただきました。Jun... Read More

While I am giving a talk and playing live set at Arts Maebashi on the next weekend, I’ll also play  at some cool venues/ parties on the following dates in November. More information will be announced soon. Nov. 13th – BLOOM at Fai, Aoyama (techno/house live set) Nov. 23rd – echo at Vacant, Harajuku (experimental [&hellip... Read More

For those who haven’t checked my essential items on 5elect5 by Mino Kodama 🙂 Please visit at http://www.5elect5.com/akikokiyama... Read More

I composed a loop-based sound track for the renewal of Toyota Municipal Museum. Big thanks to all of people involved in the project... Read More

One track from my upcoming album is to be featured at Tokyo Design Week 2015 in collaboration with 3D Graffiti artists. So excited about this 🙂 Please find more information on the link below. Tokyo Design Week 2015 3D Graffiti... Read More

Looking forward very much to the unusual event. I will have a talk session with Mari Katayama and then play live set at Arts Maebashi on October 24th. More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1642713079273978... Read More

Had an interview with Emma Robertson from littlecity. Talked about my label, creative process, and more. You can find my latest interview here  http://little-city.ca/2015/10/05/akiko-kiyama-interview... Read More