Very happy to be part of Radiq’s Vida Noir remix EP with Fumiya Tanaka and Aoki Takamasa.

Now already available at Technique Tokyo! :,OPDISC033.html


Track list:

  • A: Vida Noir (Fumiya Tanaka Remix)
  • B1: Rondo (Akiko Kiyama Remix)
  • B2: Calling (AOKI takamasa Remix)


About The Release:

op.disc’s highly acclaimed 2013 double pack from Radiq aka yoshihiro HANNO receives some heavy reworking from three of his label mates, Fumiya Tanaka, Akiko Kiyama and AOKI takamasa.
Fumiya Tanaka’s reinterpretation provides an extensive, deep down edition of “Vida Noir” and renders the original beats into a minimal bass behemoth of a track that clocks in at almost ten minutes.
Akiko Kiyama shows her peerless talent in her revision of “Rondo”. The beats and pieces are sticking like glue each other to render exotic and mesmerizing aspect of Radiq’s original. AOKI takamasa shows his further involvement into minimalism on his version of “Calling”, channels a micro-house groove into a multilayered beast.

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