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Newmud cassette tapes with DL code are out in Japanese Technique and Disc Union. Get your copies !! Technique http://www.technique.co.jp/item/126448,KEB01.html Disc Union http://diskunion.net/portal/ct/detail/1006573055 And the release information for those who are outside Japan will be available soon... Read More

It’s a big pleasure to announce I am launching my own label Kebko Music focusing on the limited editions of cassette tapes, CDs and vinyls. The first release on Kebko is a single cut of my upcoming album and will be available on cassette tape in BradPak! foldable cardboard case, with original silk-screen artwork by Damien [&hellip... Read More

    Looking forward to coming back in Kobe... Read More

Very happy to be part of Radiq’s Vida Noir remix EP with Fumiya Tanaka and Aoki Takamasa. Now already available at Technique Tokyo! : http://www.technique.co.jp/item/123688,OPDISC033.html Track list: A: Vida Noir (Fumiya Tanaka Remix) B1: Rondo (Akiko Kiyama Remix) B2: Calling (AOKI takamasa Remix)   About The Release: op.disc’s highly acclaimed 2013... Read More